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Filling the font

What is Baptism?

Baptism (sometimes called ‘Christening’) is a ceremony in which water is sprinkled onto a child or adult’s forehead. In the case of infant baptism, commitments are made by the parents and godparents to love the child and nurture them in the Christian faith.

Why do we Baptise?

Jesus’ baptism by John the Baptist is celebrated in the bible and the act of baptism has been an important part of celebrating and identifying with the Christian faith ever since. Baptism marks the entry of a person into a community of faith and it is intended to show the love of God for all people.

Arrange a Baptism

Pip Stachan, Baptism Secretary

As baptism involves the support and encouragement of the wider church community, they are usually included as part of our regular Sunday morning services.


If you would like to arrange for the baptism of your baby or child or even for yourself at Buxton Methodist Church, please contact:

Minister: Rev Andrew Parker

Baptism Secretary: Pip Strachan (pictured)